Invitation to enroll to enroll for the Credit Risk Masterclass
for Chief Risk Officers and Senior Risk Proffessionals

Credit Risk is a fundamental risk faced by banks and other financial institutions in todays volatile and complex financial market.

A deep understanding and effective approach to Credit Risk Management is thus critical to the continued survival and stability of any financial institution. 

This course is designed to equip and refresh senior risk  managers with the key concepts, tools, and technical know-how and expertise

 that would enable them to effectively manage and mitigate against credit risk

Target Group

  • Financial Institutions
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Senior Risk Managers
  • General Managers
  • Managing Directors
  • Board Members/Owners of banks

Mode of delivery

  • Online
  • Self Paced
  • Start Anytime

Course Fee

  • $1,400

Program Duration

  • 48 hours to 4 weeks depending on level of attention and concentration.

How To Apply

  • Visit Risk School on


  • The course is delivered in 6 modules covering the following:
  • Overview of Credit Risk
  • Global Effect of Credit Risks on Banks
  • The Basel Accords – A thorough review of Basel II and Basel III
  • Approaches to Credit Risk – The standardized and Internal Ratings based approaches
  • Determining the probability of default using discriminant analysis
  • Determining the Value-at-risk
  • External Credit Ratings: Interpretations and Applications
  • Ratings Transition Matrix and Use in Determining the Probability of Default
  • Credit Derivatives – Use of CDS spread


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This course is a capacity building as well as a refresher course for senior risk management professionals and owners of banks