We are Continental Representatives (Africa Region) to Applied Micro Technology Inc., an award winning Top Lending Management Solutions Provider based in U. S. A.

The Loan Quality Assurance System (LQAS) is a software banking solution which automates the entire loan portfolio management workflow.

The LQAS can automatically grade and write up loans in less than a second thereby reducing loan review expense as well as increasing banks’ credibility with regulators and is currently used by commercial and community banks across the U. S.

LQAS is built to monitor all of the bank’s loan portfolios throughout the lending life cycle and makes it possible for banks to gain a more comprehensive picture of loan portfolios and identify potential problems early, giving them time to take corrective action and prevent losses.

LQAS’s unmatched speed extends beyond eligibility verification to guarantor tracking as it keeps tabs on guarantors and the loans being guaranteed by clients.

The LQAS software can handle up to 4,000 guarantors per customer and calculate the guarantee amount daily making loan review sampling painless for clients.